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Please complete the information below and submit it. If you have any questions, please call us toll free 1-877-880-6188, or click here to send us a message

This information will be used to:

  1. Update providers regarding the status of various research, educational, and clinical efforts of the MACGN
  2. Identify existing computer resources of members
  3. Prioritize the educational needs of members
  4. Develop a regional network resource list
A.Primary Contact: Title
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Last Name
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Job Title
Preferred Mailing Address: Dept.
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Specialty ( or research interests ) by which we can refer patients to you

B.Other members of your organizations who you would like to be listed in this roster (e.g., physicians, certified genetics counselors, nurses, health educators)
NameDepartment / Institution Specialty or Research Interests

C.Do you provide genetic counseling or testing to any cancer patient population at this time:
NoYesDeveloping a clinical cancer genetics program

If yes, please list specific diseases for which this service is offered:
Breast Cancer
Ovarian Cancer
Colorectal Cancer
Other, please list

D.Computer Support and Experience ( please check all that apply )
Have on-site access to the Internet Have computer capabilities for accessing CD-ROMS Have computer with audio capabilities Have had experience with continuing education on the Internet Have had experience working with Adobe Acrobat Have database experience

E.I prefer MACGN communication:
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F. My most immediate priority need in the area of PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION in cancer genetics is:

G. My most immediate priority need in the area of PATIENT EDUCATION in cancer genetics is:
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